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Roller Coaster Zip line

About Roller Coaster Zip Line

  • A new form of traditional zip line
  • It is a combination of a roller coaster and zip line
  • A zip line is set on roller coaster’s track system
  • Participant zips like riding a roller coaster ride

Why is it suitable?

  • A great addition to the current adventure park
  • Fast free-flying sensation of zip line with ups, downs and turns of roller coaster
  • Creativity has no limits
  • Length is not a safety criteria

We Know Money Is Important

Investors Benefit


Low Investment


Low Maintenance


High footfall to area per sq. ft.


High Return on Investment (ROI)


Operates throughout the year, and not a season based park

Suitable For

Amusement Park
Shopping Centers & Malls
Adventure Parks
Water Park
Family Entertainment Centers

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